Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program - My Review

If you're interested in building a lean, muscular, “Hollywood” style physique (instead of looking like an overdone, “meathead” bodybuilder), then the Visual Impact Muscle Building program might be something you're interested in. During this review, I'm going to share with you what this program is all about, how it works, and why it's so popular. By the time you finish reading this review, you will understand why there's been so much hype surrounding this course.

The most important thing to note about this course, if that it's designed to create an attractive body – rather than impress other guys in the gym with high numbers. To be honest, this is the goal of many guys – to look good – rather than try to impress other guys. But it seems many people get sidetracked and start to judge their success based on the numbers they can get deadlift, squat, or bench press.Of course, what many people seem to forget is that this is no guarantee that you will have a body that is considered attractive.

If you really want to give in to turn heads, then the visual impact muscle building course is exactly what your looking for. So let's take a closer look at what this is about, by first looking at the creator, Rusty Moore.

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So who is this guy?

Well, if you follow the online body building community, then you may never have heard of him, although he's actually very well known within certain circles. He runs are very popular blog which focuses on creating the Hollywood look, rather than becoming a bulky bodybuilder. In this regard, he's actually built a very good reputation, and it is without question that his coursed is based on real-life, hands-on experience – rather than complex and unreliable theory.

Understanding the different types of training

One of the best parts of this course is how it explains the different types of muscle hypertrophy. Now, if you're bodybuilder, you may scoff at this idea. But there is actually a growing amount of scientific evidence to support these theories, and it all begins with Sarcoplasmic Vs Myofibrillar development.

The idea is that high reps and muscular fatigue causes sarcoplasmic growth, which leads to those big meathead like muscles. However if you focus on myofibrillar training, you will develop dense muscles, without gaining too much size. Finding the right combination between these two types of training is essential for achieving the look you see on actors such as Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, and Taylor Lautner. The Visual Impact Muscle Building course is ideal for guys who want to get this kind of attractive, ripped appearance – without becoming too big like a bodybuilder. A nice side-effect is that girls absolutely love this look, too.

How does visual impact muscle building achieve this?

It all begins with specific workout plans which take you through every step of the process. It relies on three separate workout plans, which are each performed for 2 months. Depending on where you are currently at with your training, you may be able to skip to the later sections. Either way, this program is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced people who may already have a lot of experience in the gym.

The nutrition plans

Of course, getting this look will take a little bit of nutritional consideration as well. However, the Visual Impact Muscle Building course doesn't make it any more complicated than it has to be.

Borrowing from the research found into intermittent fasting, and protein sparing modified fasting diet, Rusty gives you several diet plans which are easy to follow, and they don't require any kind of expensive supplements or anything too controversial. But if you are an old school bodybuilder, you may be shocked to see some of the myths that are debunked within this course – and you can rest assured it's all based on proven scientific fact.

Customizable workout plans.

When you're creating any kind of product like this, it's impossible to cater to everyone. However, Rusty has done a very good job of showing how you can be customize the course, and he instills within you are certain philosophy which will show you how to develop your body to the ideal proportions, without becoming too big, and without overworking certain areas. This is the kind of advice which so many people are missing.

The money back guarantee

it makes sense if you're skeptical about this system, because it does seem unusual compared to many of the other programs which you may have followed in the past – especially if you come from a bodybuilding background  However, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and the best way to see how effective this program is will be to try it yourself.

But rather than ask you to make a huge leap of faith, Rusty Moore is happy to give you a full money back guarantee. This means you can easily try the entire system, and if you later decide that it just isn't for you, then you can just get refund very easily from Rusty himself.

What are real people are saying about this course?

If you're going to be trying a new workout schedule, then it's a good idea to see what other people have to say about it. While this shouldn't determine your decision entirely, there's no harm in seeing if it is popular with other people.

Fortunately, there's rarely a bad word to be said about this program, and while some people are skeptical about some of the ideas it presents, there's no denying the astonishing results that many people achieve by following this program. If you want to look like a meathead, or an overdone bodybuilder, then this probably isn't program you. But if you're looking for that lean, muscular, ripped appearance that you see on top Hollywood actors, then this program will fit you like a glove.

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Overall, this is one of the best systems around if you want to get that lean Hollywood physique. It covers all the information you need, including complete workout schedules and diet planning, so you should never be left confused or unsure about what you should be doing.

In fact, it takes away a lot of the hard work and guessing you have to do when you're trying to achieve this physique, because so much of the bodybuilding industry is catering to people who just want to get huge. Overall, this is something that's definitely worth checking out. To find out more and purchase the program, then click here to head over to the official site.